Fihariana 2019

Malagasy tsara fihary, Madagasikara mandroso

What is “Fihariana”?

Initiated by His Excellency President Andry Rajoelina, the Fihariana project is a national program of the State whose main objective is to give both “technical” and “financial” support to Malagasy wishing to start a business. They can now go into entrepreneurship and borrow between 200,000 Ariary to 200 million Ariary from the Program to finance their project.

Our mission

Make entrepreneurship a lever for economic growth.

Job offers have dropped considerably over the past 4 years.

We decided to open Fihariana kiosks throughout Madagascar because we are aware of these concerns.

We designed Fihariana to be accessible to everyone, knowing that the vast majority of Malagasy are still living in poverty, and to give Malagasy citizens a chance to speed up the recovery of its country’s economy.

Our vision

Fihariana was created to give Malagasy people the opportunity to turn their business ideas into reality, by providing them with both technical and financial support.

With the aim of creating 10,000 jobs a year, entrepreneurship is one of the biggest solutions to the challenges of the current economic crisis.

Fihariana will experience significant economic growth for Madagascar.

Our values

With rigorous support and funding tailored to each one’s needs, the projects we support are bound to succeed.

With willpower, nothing is impossible.