Breakdown of received applications

The Fihariana program received more than 117,000 applications from all regions of the island in 2019,. After processing the files, participation rates were able to be determined by region.

Third place was held by the Diana region, with a participation rate of 9.75%. Second place, was held by the Atsimo Andrefana region, with a participation rate of 9.88%.  The Sofia region held first place with a high participation rate of 11.09%.

Each region of Madagascar has niche products such as vanilla, coffee, aromatic plants, essential oils, cocoa, lychee, which represent an important contribution to the Malagasy economy. Improving the yield, grading, and processing conditions of these products is an advantage for the economic development of the neighboring community, the region, and the country by contributing significantly to job creation and improving the quality and quantity of our raw materials to an international standard. It is in this sense that Fihariana supports project leaders and entrepreneurs. A correct exploitation of this potential would be a big asset in the economic growth of the country.