In figures: breakdown by sector of projects processed

The files processed in 2019 by the Fihariana program enabled the breakdown below to be released. Since its launch in February 2019, the Fihariana program has supported entrepreneurs and project leaders from all sector of activity. 48.29% of the projects received by Fihariana come from the agricultural sector, a very promising sector in Madagascar which employs 80% of the active population and constitutes an essential component of the Malagasy economy by contributing up to 30% to the GDP. With 12.83%, livestock is in second position. Indeed, many breeders are also enrolling in the program in order to increase their monthly or even annual income, but also with the aim of meeting national and international market standards and ensuring the country’s food and financial security. The program prioritizes agriculture and livestock as a lever for the country’s development. It should be noted that the Akoho nakà project is part of this branch, and whose registration still remains open on the Fihariana site,      with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of each region, and with regional delegates.

2.40% of the files processed come from the craft sector. This sector has considerable potential and is positioned as one of the other driving force for economic development in Madagascar     . Woodworking, weaving, embroidery, basketry, making “Vita Malagasy” jewelry display the great diversity of Malagasy crafts.

The development of Madagascar will be achieved by the emergence of all sectors. In 2020, the Fihariana program sets itself the goal of funding more than 10,000 projects in order to encourage even more entrepreneurs and young project leaders to be involved in the development of the country.